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W ebsite of Synergists is quite clear and intuitive. We have tried to do our best to ensure that you won't have problems when using it. There are few steps separate you from profit!

  • 19Sep
    Frauds and Counterfeits by Administrator

    Dear Investors,

    It was brought to our attention that people are copying our site! Please please never fall for it! Our only address is https://synergists-ltd.com. Other than that address may either steal your money or scam you. If they would be up, they would still shut down eventually.

    A lot of bad guys are eyeing on our site. Please never fall for their tricks. They will never be like us. All they do is scam people and we hate that!

    And as some would say, "They copied because our program and site is a success."

    Thank you so much dear investors for your continued support!


  • 11Sep
    Bad Guys Everywhere! by Administrator

    Hello Beloved Investors.
    It was brought to our attention that there is a certain monitor that tagged us as SCAM and NOT PAYING. We checked the monitor and reached out with the administrator only to find out that the status of our site will be changed once we pay them a certain amount.
    As much as we want to keep our records clean and free of bad news, we could not allow this kind of harassment. Paying them would only entice more atrocious individuals and would greatly affect the health of our program.
    So our dear investors, you know the truth about the program. We have payment proofs, telegram group channel and live chat where you can reach us. Let us never allow such sham and hoax to fool us. Our program is unique and our site is secured. They could only spread fake news about us to bring us down.
    We humbly ask your help and continuous support for our program. This program is made in good faith and will be here for a long time and it would never be possible without you guys.
    Let us all work hand in hand. We are strong now and will be stronger as days go by. Let us not let anything or anyone stop us. Keep earning until this world will be a better place!


  • 20Sep
    Minimum Withdrawal by Administrator

    Hello Investors!

    Due to some technical problems with the instant withdrawal, we have updated the minimum withdrawals of Perfect Money, Payeer and BitCoin all to $10.

    The transactions fees are taken cared of but more often, the fees we pay for each transaction are higher than the withdrawal amount.
    We need modifications to keep the ball rolling.

    You guys are very important to us that's why we are doing all adjustments for the best of our program and to acquire one common goal--to be the best HYIP there is and it will never be achieved without your sincere cooperation.

    Let's do this and rise to the top!

    Happy earnings!